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How Establishing Systems & Processes will Transform Your Financial Advisory Business

  • Establishing a standardized system for regularly meeting with your Ideal Clients is the optimal way to organize your team around standardized meetings a checklists
  • Learn which processes eliminate, what research has identified as, the biggest complaints Ideal Clients have of their financial advisors
  • A highly structured annual meeting cycle is the best way to consistently deliver an exceptional experience to each Ideal Client and target the issues most important to your clients
  • Instituting a culture of "documenting every major process" in your business your business will soon run like a "Swiss watch"

Radically Differentiate Yourself By Installing Clear, Consistent & Specific Client Deliverables

  • To get more referrals you need to become more referable
  • Every Ideal Client and Potential Ideal Client deserves to know "exactly what am I getting for the compensation you receive" in a way that's concise, conversational and compelling
  • Learn The Ten Pivotal Questions™ that all potential clients ask before hiring their Trusted Advisor
  • Standardizing your services and deliverables is the best way to provide your best clients with consistent high-level services
  • Instituting standardized "client deliverables" is the best way to let everyone on your team know exactly what you expect from them
  • Installing The Ten Client Deliverables™ will allow you to easily define Comprehensive Financial Services for your clients
  • Committing to consistent & specific client services for every Ideal Client allows you to estimate your costs and clearly identify the client you serve best (your Ideal Client Profile)

Building a Deliverables Team of 'A' Players

Building a Deliverables Team of "A-players" Will Place You in "A Category of One" With Your Potential Ideal Clients

We know that Advisors who offer the most Comprehensive Financial Services to their clients...

  •  ...are the most indispensable to their clients and...
  •  ...are the most highly-compensated in our industry

Delivering fully Comprehensive Financial Services through a Deliverables Team of Subject Matter Experts who are "A-players" may be easier than you think. Ideal Clients are suspicious of "One-man-band" advisors so we recommend The Deliverables Team Recruitment Process™ to build a team of Subject Matter Experts in narrow fields of personal finance.

You'll learn proven strategies for:

  •  How to build the team
  •  How to lead the team
  •  What to delegate to the team

Creating the greatest probability that your clients' experience with you is extraordinary and the quality of your recommendations are superb is directly related to the skill and experience of your Deliverables Team.

If there are areas of personal finance you feel are complicated or too difficult to serve, the good news is there is a process to find professionals who have devoted their careers to every narrow area of finance.

The processes we recommend for "leading your team" are simple tools to improve communications in your business no matter how large or small your team is.

Office In Action

The Office in Action™ Workshop is designed to help you identify what’s required to develop the systems and Deliverables Team that you need to support your effort to serve your Clients as a true Trusted Advisor. At the Office in Action™ Workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop written, documented processes to run everything in your practice with consistency;
  • Hone your deliverables … the value proposition that distinguishes your services;
  • Break down, analyze and develop the organizational structure (staff or strategic alliances) necessary to support your Ideal Client Community; and
  • Develop a customized plan of action to immediately begin implementing your own Office in Action™.

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