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Leaders Make Change Work

The change journey continues....! This powerful program provides today's leaders with practical tactics that make change work. You'll learn how to generate and sustain commitment to a compelling vision, develop an organization that is excited to learn, encourage early problem solving, motivate diverse teams, and focus resources to support your strategic business goals.

Category: Leadership

The Assertiveness Advantage: Dealing with Difficult Issues and Difficult People

In this age of cost-containment, competition and constant change, conflict is increased. Learn how to capitalize on disagreements and team diversity to produce winning results. By finding the assertive middle ground between doormat and steamroller, you can increase your influence batting average in dealing with the tough issues and your tough people! Explore how your actions help produce on-the-job enemies and how to use bridge-building strategies that trade polarization and revenge for trust and results.

Category: Relationships

The Optimism Advantage

Your task is to keep hope alive in this age of cynicism. Trade feelings of helplessness and frustration for flexible optimism, resourcefulness, and persistence in the face of adversity and constant change. This insightful program will help you and your team focus on "the optimism advantage" as you face ever-increasing personal and organizational challenges.

Category: Attitude

Principled Leadership in Action

Shape your organization's culture. This dynamic program explores how leaders spread cultural change by driving core values, asking strategic questions, and sharing best practices along with inspirational stories. You'll learn how to generate and sustain commitment to guiding principles and ensure that your team makes wise critical decisions in support of the organization's vision and values.

Category: Leadership

The Communication Edge: The Art of Listening, The Power of Speaking

There is no more valuable skill for leaders to develop than effective communication. Two of the most important competencies that can give you a communication edge are effective listening and public speaking. Learn how to listen so that others are comfortable talking; learn to speak so that people listen.

Category: Communication

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