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The Adventure of Change

During this presentation Jeff reveals his Six Steps to the Top – the lessons learned in over 30 years of exploration and expedition leadership. He gives audiences the tools they need to be adventurous in their work and life using stirring tales drawn from the legends, myths and personal lives of people he encountered in remote regions around the world. With award-winning photography AND music, Jeff's presentation shows audiences how to redesign both their attitudes and their environments so they can face adversity with a sense of adventure!

Jeff’s philosophy about adventure enables audiences to understand The Hero’s Journey - the roadmap through change. Audiences learn to:

  • Leap Before You Look:
    Commit to a sense of adventure, take action and develop intuitive skills
  • Aim Higher Than Everest:
    Exceed the ordinary by setting only extraordinary goals
  • Give It All You’ve Got:
    Harness the power of synergy, participation and contribution
  • Work Some Magic:
    Blaze new trails, use innovation and imagination to access a world of possibility
  • Keep on Your Bearing:
    Explore the adventure of the human connection and discover the power of service
  • Enjoy the View:
    Gain the mountaintop perspective and learn how to put it to work for you

During client interviews, Jeff learns about an organization's challenges and goals. He makes those connections throughout his presentation, personalizing the experience for each organization. Jeff's energetic and humorous style combined with the tools he shares, guarantee an outstanding event every time, inspiring audiences to “Be the best you have ever been!”

Category: Change

Wisdom of the Mountains

How do you become the best in the business?

How do the best keep getting better?

What is your boldest dream?

What is your higher than Everest goal?

Throughout this presentation, Jeff reveals simple and profound wisdom for expertly navigating today’s increasingly complex and confusing world. In turbulent times the leader is the one with the map. Jeff provides you with that map. Drawing from over 35 years of living with and studying diverse cultures around the world, he guides you on a remarkable journey of discovery. You will discover universal ‘best practices’ for maximizing personal and professional effectiveness. The four key areas of learning are:

  • Vision … How to find one
  • Energy … How to create it
  • Inner Strength … How to develop and maintain it
  • Wisdom … How to live it

In this presentation, Jeff takes you on an exhilarating journey around the globe while providing:

  • A simple model for deep and lasting cultural change in your organization
  • A means for taking your professional and personal effectiveness to new heights
  • Inspiration for your organization to truly excel

Synthesizing ancient wisdom with contemporary cutting edge business models, Jeff inspires, enables and instructs you and your organization to become the best you’ve ever been!

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