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Anything is Possible

For anyone who has ever said, “It can’t be done,” Giovanni challenges you to think again: “Not only can it be done, but there is more than one right answer!” Thus begins the audience’s journey from the limitations of conventional thinking into a world where thinking like a magician makes anything possible.

When you think like a magician, Giovanni tells his audience, you open up your mind to limitless possibilities that conventional thinking blithely dismisses as impractical or even impossible. But to succeed in today’s competitive business environment, you need to embrace the idea that Anything is Possible.

The Anything Is Possible program is the ideal opener for your event or conference. During this hour-long performance, Giovanni brings together his singular blend of mind-bending showmanship, contagious enthusiasm, high-voltage delivery and outside-the-box thinking to encourage audience members to break through self-imposed barriers and achieve their very best.

Combining his M.A.G.I.C. formula
(Momentum, Attitude, Goals, Imagination, Care) with unique messaging, proven business tactics and select magic routines customized to your company’s specific goals, Anything is Possible will inspire your audience to push past the sky and reach for new heights, solve problems creatively, and build long-lasting personal and professional relationships.

Live A Thousand Years

Have you ever met someone whose passion for living was so robust that others said of him, “He’s lived enough to fill two lifetimes”? Now imagine living each of day your life to its very fullest, to a point where the sum total of your life experiences is enough to fill a thousand years.

At the heart of the Live A Thousand Years performance Giovanni redefines the numbers on the clock and introduces the Twelve Chimes, or twelve essential elements necessary to create a grander life experience. The Twelve Chimes are:

  • Chime One: Time for Yourself
  • Chime Two: Time to Be Positive
  • Chime Three: Time to Give
  • Chime Four: Time for Relationships
  • Chime Five: Time to Learn
  • Chime Six: Time in the Moment
  • Chime Seven: Time to Dream
  • Chime Eight: Time to Play
  • Chime Nine: Time to Work
  • Chime Ten: Time to Forgive
  • Chime Eleven: Time to be Brave
  • Chime Twelve: Time to Reset

During his Live A Thousand Years performance, Giovanni incorporates the Twelve Chimes into your company’s own unique themes and messaging to deliver a customized, one-of-a-kind experience that is as invigorating as it is insightful, humorous as it is heart-felt, and whimsical as it is wise. Combining energetic music, jaw-dropping magic, meaningful audience participation and Giovanni’s own original style and unparalleled showmanship, Live A Thousand Years will drive home your key objectives and challenge your audience to live life with greater passion, purpose and balance.

Evening of Astonishment

Tantalizing sleight-of-hand and uproarious audience participation all conspire to provoke uncontrollable, belly-aching laughter during this evening-long magical tour de force.

Pure, undiluted entertainment is the sole objective of your Evening of Astonishment, and the master magician and recipient of the coveted Gold Cups Award from the International Brotherhood of Magicians does not disappoint. Giovanni engages the audience as a “living prop” during his hilarious roller coaster ride of a stage show, using up to 20 willing participants to achieve the impossible right before your very eyes.

Whether you’re throwing an awards show, a banquet, or some other professional or personal event, an Evening of Astonishment with Giovanni will not only astonish your audience, but leave them struck with a sense of awe, amazement and childlike wonder. This is one experience they will never outlive.

COE Creator of Experiences

Giovanni is a celebrator of human spirit and human potential – a creator of meaningful experiences who transforms companies and peoples lives through the understanding that Anything is Possible

Giovanni’s unparalleled ability has made him one of the most sought – after corporate motivators in America, and his spectacular message has electrified over half of the country’s Fortune 500 companies.

Giovanni has authored three books and has been recently nominated to the prestigious Speakers Hall Of Fame. He is also only one of six people in history to have received the coveted Gold Cups Award by the International Brotherhood of Magicians

Giovanni is a leader who is both the messenger and the message. His passion for life and boundless creativity and the mediums through which he shares powerful messages that help companies and the people in them grow.

He is an American entrepreneur whose achievements inspire others to achieve. Giovanni is at once a performer and a presenter, enthusiast and entertainer, magician and motivator. At Best, Giovanni can only be described – he cannot be defined, because he is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Try imagining a color you have never seen before.

Giovanni has been creating transformational experiences for audiences of all sizes for more than two decades. He invites you now to join the experience.

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