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The Art of Ironman Success

The Art of Ironman Success

How can we create certainty in an uncertain environment? Will we let defeat stop us or will we use it as feedback for change that to bring about ultimate victory? Where will we draw strength from when we want to quit? Are we the person our dreams demand us to be to achieve them?

These were some of the many difficult questions Mark had to answer in his 7-year journey from defeat to ultimate victory at the Hawaiian Ironman. Accompanied by compelling race footage, Mark's presentation incorporates strategies for dealing with change and unexpected challenge, how to come back when success seems impossible, and most certainly the importance of doing the work required of becoming a champion.

Key Points:
Mark breaks his talk into three simple yet powerful points: Clarify, Adjust, and Complete. These are the core strategies that make up The Art of Ironman Success. If any of these three key elements had been missing in his pursuit of the Ironman title, he would not have won.

These Action Items were all missing from Mark's approach to his first 6 Ironman races. Instead of creating success, he let factors outside of his control defeat him: the heat, the wind, and his other competitors. He had not asked the Tough Questions of Clarify, Adjust, and Complete that make these principles so effective. His results showed…six defeats, all short of his dream.

In 1989, Mark was ready to give up and focus on other races where he was
more successful and more comfortable. But he asked the tough questions. He saw that his work strategy was not effective and came up with the adjustments needed to make his dream a reality. He saw that he was not the person that could win the Ironman and put the steps into place to become that person. And he saw that indulging in disappointment was not an effective strategy for bringing about success. He changed his focus. With a commitment to completion did the work required of success at the Ironman Triathlon. Armed with renewed inspiration, a clear strategy, and a full season of doing the right kind of work Mark completed his dream in 1989 of winning the first of six Ironman World Championships.

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