The Levine "Formula"

Norman G. Levine and Levine Enterprises are dedicated to helping companies and individuals achieve their personal and career dreams and aspirations.

Motivated people can reach their unrealized potential if they have dreams, which are converted into specific goals, which are then developed into realistic plans, which when implemented, become building blocks in their chosen career path.

The Levine Formula is a proven plan for success and consists of three components which can be utilized by companies and individuals, separately or in combination, to effectively achieve career and personal objectives.

Each component can stand alone to raise performance levels, but to maximize the "Levine Formula's" potential a coordinated program should be considered.

Step 1: Presentations

Powerful Motivational Speaker - Norman Levine will not only motivate you but he will give you the tools and significant strategies for achieving new heights of accomplishment.

  • Knowledge - provide you with the knowledge you need in order to go to the next level in your business.
  • Skills - help you develop certain skills that are critical to your success.
  • Relationships - show you how to build better relationships with your prospects and/or recruits.

Norman has been the highlight of many company meetings.  He has been chosen to jump start an event on an stimulating high note or energize participants, sending them home with practical tools they can use right away.

Step 2: Materials

Norman Levine is the creator of successful learning systems.  Speaking engagements are always supported by ongoing action projects utilizing  books and tapes provided by Levine Enterprises.

Step 3: Follow up

A follow-up course can be provided using video presentations to the same participating group with a minimum of one week intervals. Discussions will precede each session regarding how the participants utilize the information in the preceding session. The participants will also receive a set of audio tapes of the video sessions to use as repeat refreshers until the materials become totally assimilated.

Priorities for Financial Services Companies

Priorities for Financial Services Companies
Including Insurance, Investment, and Banking Firms

  • Productivity
  • Convergence
  • Sales Skills
  • Multi-Product Financial Planning
  • Transitioning from Primary Product Dependence
  • Management Skills
  • Home Office and Field Communication
  • Synergy
  • Overall Morale

If your company is concerned with some or all of these challenges we may be able to help.  Often inviting an outsider, who is a recognized and respected leader and expert in your field, can be the catalyst that initiates the momentum that leads to solving the problems that might seem extremely difficult to achieve within your present organization.   There is only one great internationally known speaker, trainer, and motivator who has also been an extraordinary successful practitioner for over 50 years in the financial service industry.

Norman G. Levine is the only individual to achieve all of the top four accolades bestowed on anyone in his profession. They are "Top of the Table", for personal life insurance production, "Master Agency Award", for the management of his company, "The Managers Hall of Fame ", and the highest designation the life insurance industry bestows,  "The John Newton Russell Memorial Award”. There is much more we could say about his successful financial career but the key is that he not only has the necessary skills to help others achieve their individual and corporate goals but he enjoys instant credibility with practitioner audiences, a benefit many other financial companies have utilized.

His speaking credentials are equally impressive.  The Million -Dollar Round Table, one of the largest and most critical audiences in the world has invited Norman to speak over 20 times with at least 8 main platform presentations. He has spoken for over 100 companies in 23 different countries and is almost always asked to return for follow up presentations. Several companies have chosen ongoing retainer commitments with Norman for 5 or more sessions a year.

Are you looking for?

  • An up to 2 hour motivating address …..
  • A half day workshop…
  • ·A full day training session…
  • An ongoing relationship…

Norman Levine may well be a resource your company can't afford to ignore.

It is self evident, we strongly recommend that you utilize Norman's services.  All the companies that have used one or more of his various services have given him their highest ratings for his customized presentations and reported that their audiences raved about his effectiveness and positive motivational value.

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