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Thriving In Turbulent Times

Thriving in turbulent times starts with an understanding that the problems we make are almost always worse than the problems we have. Our reaction to problems frequently creates more difficulty than the underlying problems themselves.

To sustain and enhance success, organizations must be able to move quickly and find fresh solutions. Alan passionately communicates innovative insights and inspires people to get on with the task at hand.

The Great Salesperson

Some people say ‘people are people and selling hasn’t changed’. But it has. Technology has transformed manufacturing, finance and distribution. Now is the time to reinvent selling.

The Doctor of Sales is making a house call! Your clients need you now more than ever. In order to best serve them, you need to step up: never settle for “good enough”, be lofty about your contribution, build your practice for the right people and remember the basic lessons that will help you jump ahead of the curve.

Shift Into High Gear

Ride a bicycle downhill long enough and we think we’re great athletes. Then we hit an uphill and realize we’re out of shape. So we put it in low gear and plod up the hill. Do what bicycle racers do. They stay in low for most of a hill, but before the winners reach the top, they shift into high, pop out of their saddles and pump hard. That’s how you win the race.

Alan focuses on finding the energy and motivation to “go hard” when external factors say “quit” or “just hang on.” Extraordinary businesses are created by pushing hard when others quit. Winners stay positive, get creative and keep serving customers.

This Is Your Time

Despite the challenges in the world – and to a considerable extent because of them – this is the time to renew and rededicate yourself to the important work. Look at a list of great U.S. Presidents. Now there is a list of peace and prosperity Presidents, right? Wrong! Greatness requires something significant to push against. This Is Your Time.

Challenges and adversity should be the launching pad for future success. When we have the perspective to see opportunities and the self-esteem to keep our attitude up, we can forge ahead with vigor, passion and resolve.

The New Face of a Leader

The traditional sources of power have disappeared or diminished. Today’s leaders must re-evaluate their style and master new sources of influence. Lasting success will come to those leaders who inspire new ways of thinking, being and acting.

In these times of fast history, people and problems are changing. That is why leadership must be transformed. Successful leaders must be willing to let go of what has worked in the past, open their systems and be pulled by the future. Alan ignites the spark that rekindles a leader’s excitement for finding new solutions and inspiring his or her team along a fresh and fulfilling path to the future.

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