What Customers REALLY Want

Based upon Scott's #1 bestselling business book, this program addresses the disconnections between what customers crave versus what most organizations offer. Through his research - first into Scott's own nineteen companies where he serves as Vice Chairman of a $100+ million organization, and other top clients of international renown - he discovered extensive gulfs between client desires and company delivery.

A few of the disconnections Scott addresses in this program are:

  • The customer's desire for a compelling experience, versus the organization's offerings of customer service.
  • The clients' search for reciprocal loyalty, and its conflict with the company's endless prospecting.
  • The customer's personal focus is in opposition to the organization's product focus.

As Scott details in this powerful presentation, the organizations and professionals who can bridge these ever-expanding gaps can create the kinds of relationships and experiences for customers that develop intense loyalty and enhanced profitability.

Category: Customer Relationship

ALL Business is Show Business

As Scott McKain wrote in his first #1 business bestseller, every professional and each organization must create the kind of connection with its customers that a blockbuster film or compelling television program has with its audience!

We have become a culture that expects an experience to be an integral part of doing business. Therefore, those organizations that understand how to execute the strategies necessary for creating differentiation thorough the customer experience will find themselves leading the pack.

Scott's three-step approach is basic:

  • High Concept: Create a compelling principle that becomes the attention-grabbing essence of your customer experience.
  • The Power of Story: Understand the building blocks of compelling stories, and tell yours in a manner that makes you and your organization distinct!
  • UCE/The Ultimate Customer Experience: "What if EVERYTHING went EXACTLY right?" Discover the steps to creating the types of experiences that drives astounding customer retention and growth.

Show business in NOT just laughter and song! Consider that show business delivered the hits "Schindler's List" and "Silence of the Lambs." (Hardly works of light-hearted merriment, but extraordinarily successful at creating the desired experience for the audience!) "ALL Business is Show Business" is a serious approach to creating compelling customer (and employee) experiences!

Category: Customer Relationship

Congruent Leadership

Leadership is really all about moving individuals to attain personal goals that are congruent with organizational objectives. If organizations are going to execute the strategies that create compelling experiences for customers and employees to generate greater loyalty and enhanced profitability, managers at all levels must understand the principles of Congruent Leadership.

Based upon Scott's forthcoming book, "Congruent Leadership" utilizes Scott's vast experience as a Vice Chairman of a publicly traded company, Board membership on organizations ranging from financial service companies to one of the nation's largest non-profit organizations, and his personal access to leaders from CEO's of Fortune 500 businesses to political leaders of international fame. Through his efforts, Scott discovered that the element most often overlooked in discussions surrounding leadership is the fundamental quality of congruency.

If the leader's efforts and positioning aren't in alignment with organizational CFO's (critical few objectives), the effectiveness of both the manager and the company are diminished. While most leadership programs focus upon the "we" of a "team", Scott suggests that congruent leadership must center upon the "I's":

  • Innovation
  • Insight
  • Information
  • Inspiration
  • Imagination
  • Intuition
  • Instinct

"Congruent Leadership" will challenge your thinking regarding what leadership is truly all about!

"The Collapse of Distinction: Differentiating Yourself in a Cluttered Market"

As an "old timer" from Scott's hometown once told him, "In my day, there were two restaurants here. Each one had different menus - because they were as unique as their owners." Today, it seems as though everything -- from restaurants to retail, from financial services to service businesses -- are getting lost in a vast sea of blandness.

How does a professional - or an entire organization - deal with the phenomenon that Scott McKain calls "the collapse of distinction"? This presentation addresses how to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Scott suggests there are really only two types of differentiation in today's market: product experience and service experience. A few organizations have distinguished themselves via product uniqueness and design. However, for the vast majority of companies and individuals, the ONLY strategy that is both compelling and sustainable is through the service experience that customers have with you.

One of the challenges is that many of the points you feel create differentiation aren't distinct in the mind of your customer. And, if your employees aren't convinced there's a difference - how can they create that impression for your customers?

In this presentation, Scott reveals how every organization and professional can create a CCA - Continuous Compelling Advantage - that provides valuable points of distinction in a very muddled market.

Category: Leadership

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