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Way of Being

Transformation doesn’t occur by doing something bigger, faster or better. Transformation occurs when you start from a different place. That’s what the Way of Being™ Workshop is all about. It will alter how you communicate with yourself … about yourself. How can you ever serve as a Trusted Advisor if you don’t trust others because you’ve never learned to trust yourself?

We all have a great many strengths and a few misperceived weaknesses. Mr. Carter has designed a tremendous program that will help you explore who you are and how you show up in front of your clients. No matter how much you think you know about yourself, you will learn more if you listen to Doug Carter. For, as important as it is to learn the disciplines associated with the principles of Values-Based Financial Planning™, it is at least as important to have the proper “Way of Being;” and no one can help you achieve and maintain that part of the puzzle better than Doug Carter.

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