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High-Trust Leadership?: A Proven System for Developing an Organization of High Performance Financial Professionals

"The most powerful interview tool you will ever learn to create a giant pipeline of highly qualified Advisors."


(A) Provide proven tools for Leaders to fill their pipeline with high quality Advisor candidates.
(B) Motivate new and existing Advisors to consistently execute the daily strategies necessary to achieve high levels of Advisor success.


  • How to rapidly build high levels of trust with recruits and Advisors.
  • How to quickly understand the emotions and values which motivate Advisors to pay the price of true success.
  • How to integrate these new ideas into existing processes.
  • How to get good-producing Producers to want to perform for you.
  • How to avoid being perceived as "just another leader/manager."
  • How to have a meaningful interview instead of superficial chit-chat.

Benefits to Leaders:

  • Giant recruiting pipeline of highly qualified Advisors.
  • Greatly increase understanding of what motivates Advisors to pay the price.
  • Better retention.
  • Bring interview skills to the next level.
  • Better relationships with veteran Advisors.
  • Shorten time from interview to commitment.
  • Target serious Advisors only and avoid wasting time with people who will never pay the price.


Category: Leadership Trust

The Roadmap to Success: Speaking the Language of Trust

In this presentation Bill shares 7 essential ingredients that the most successful advisors use to propel themselves to the next level on their personal road to success. As a result of attending, here are a few of things you will learn:

  • Why this is GREAT time to be a Financial Advisor!
  • What it means to be in the top 1% of financial professionals world-wide.
  • How to create a compelling vision for your Ideal Life and the Ideal Business to support your Ideal Life.
  • How the right mindset makes a significant difference in your success in business and happiness in life, regardless of external circumstances like volatile financial markets, a weak economy, broken governments, and global instability.
  • How to "speak the language of trust" so your prospects and clients are more inclined to hire you and follow your advice.
  • How a better value proposition transcends assets and commissions so your clients are inspired to pay you for advice independent of products or assets under management.

Category: Attaining Clients Trust

An Introduction to Values-Based Financial Planning?: the Art of Creating an Inspiring Financial Plan

You will learn:

  • How to create a fully interactive and visually compelling client experience
  • How to give advice that is values-aligned
  • How to inspire people to follow-through, implement and stick with their plans, through good times and bad, based on their values
  • How and why a true, values-based process creates a high-trust client relationship
  • Why trust is NOT an objective, but a by-product of having an excellent client-centered process, being highly competent, and having the right “way of being”

Learner Outcomes:

  • You will be more trusted
  • Your clients will be inspired to take action on your advice
  • You, your clients, and your prospective clients will have more fun
  • You will be more referable

As a result of implementing Values-Based Financial Planning™ you can expect your revenue per client to increase significantly, your overall business revenue to increase substantially, time wasted trying to serve the wrong clients to be dramatically reduced or eliminated, along with the frustration that goes with it. You will enjoy a much greater sense of satisfaction, fulfillment, and well-being from your financial planning business and client relationships.

The crux of this workshop is a tool called the Financial Road Map®. This is a proven process to improve your existing clients relationships to the degree that they upgrade and become either Ideal Clients or clients who do more business with you than they have in the past. The Financial Roadmap is also a powerful initial interview process to be done with prospective clients so that in about an hour they hire you, agree to do all of their business with you, and commit to implement all of your advice at the next meeting. Most advisors also experience an increase in unsolicited referrals as a result of conducting Financial Roadmap interviews with clients and prospects.

The Financial Road Map is often referred to as a “relationship shifter” because of the high level of trust that is built when you ask really good questions, listen with empathy, and advise your clients and prospects to align their financial choices with their most important goals and their most deeply held values.

The implementation of this process differentiates planners from their competitors, exceeds regulatory requirements, and positions the planner to succeed regardless of volatile financial markets, broken governments, or negative world events.

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