Speaker: Mark Little

"Mark knows what he is talking about. He has worked where we work and his system is easy to understand."

Beth Kelloff, Advisor
First Command Financial Planning
"Mark’s ideas and examples of how he runs his business are excellent. He has been an inspiration to me on both a business and personal level.

Derek Brammel, Financial Advisor
The Bishoff Finacial Group
"Mark has given me utterly priceless ideas that have helped me to become more productive, more efficient and more focused on my business and the way I carry it out."

Andy Jervis, Acii, Msfa, CFP?, Director
Chesterton House Financial Services Ltd.
"Mark Little’s insight has been one of our most practical assets as we work toward the goal of building a top-notch practice. Mark has provided us an excellent model to emulate so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel."

Aaron Avery
Munn Wealth Management
"Mark Little’s practical knowledge and inspiring story have had a huge positive effect on my personal and professional life. I now work with higher quality clients and take much better care of my own health."

Karl Hicks, CFP?, Mba, Financial Advisor
The Leonard Finacial Group, LLC
"Mark has enabled me to transform how my business operates. I now have a team who love managing themselves which has freed me to do the things that I am good at."

Mitch Harris, Mlia, (Dip), Fpc, Managing Director
The Financial Services Group
"Mark Little is one of the most caring individuals I have ever met. He seems to have an unlimited willingness to help advisors become better with his personal brand of no-nonsense encouragement."

Jack Wenaus, Financial Advisor
Jack Wenaus Financial Services, Inc.
"Mark is a tremendous resource. He has helped me gain insights into what it takes to provide a high-value financial services practice. He communicates effectively and helps me recognize that I have what it takes to succeed."

Rick Raybin, Managing Director
Lifetime Capitol Group
"Mark truly sets the bar high, both personally & professionally. He’s a huge source of inspiration for my practice and my life. I suspect that his processes make him the envy of many disorganized planners and his personal dedication to reaching his goals has motivated me to keep striving for mine!"

Lou Leyes, Advisor,
First Command Financial Planning
"The combination of this 3 installment Kate Wilson case study and the Trusted Advisor Toolkit website has really propelled me in completing the journey of not only building the ideal client community, but now keeping them intact by actually knowing how to run a true comprehensive planning office and implementing something very few other Advisors are doing.

I have just changed all of my ideal clients to The Three Meeting Process going forward, which is going to save me 67 meetings from what I was doing before and I am definitely offering them much more service."

Rick Zurbriggen
Financial Advisor Sanibel

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