Speaker: Dr. Kris Nelson, D.V.M.

The presentation you gave at my Women and Wealth Enrichment Luncheon on December 6th, 2012 was outstanding. Thank you so much for doing a great job, Kris. There was not a women in the room in attendance that was not touched by your comments and stories. You have a unique way of presenting researched based information - first by providing the data point, then by illustrating it with a story, usually done with some bit of humor. Plus, who could resist all the adorable photos of the animals you have helped over the years. So far, I've hosted approx. twelve luncheons, with various speakers. While all of them typically get very positive reviews, yours was the best, by far.

Of the 32 surveys we received, every single one of them rated your presentation outstanding, meaning on a scale from 1-5, with 5 being the highest, you received all 5's! That's a first. In addition, more people approached me about getting together to discuss situations than I've ever had do so at any of my luncheons.

It turns out that animals are not only positive for our emotional and physical health; but they are also good for our financial health!

Again, thank you for doing such a fantastic job at my Women and Wealth luncheon. It was a very successful event on many fronts because of your unique and entertaining presentation. 

Trish Stark
First Western Trust
Senior Vice President
The response was tremendous. One attendee said, "I look at your organization very differently now...thank you for hosting this program."

Keith J. Kormos
Bankers Trust
Senior Vice President, Private Banking and Wealth Management
Dr. Nelson presented a wonderful, heart-warming presentation about the transforming power of animals in or lives. Our clients and those who are passionate about the Nevada Humane Society who joined us truly enjoyed spending time with other animal lovers, while being entertained with delightful takes of our furry friends.

Heidi Foster, CFP
American Wealth Management
Wealth Advisor and Investment Manager

“We were thrilled to have Dr. Nelson here today.  This is probably our 10th Survivorship Day here at Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center and we had over 125 people and the feedback was phenomenal.  We had people who said, her message changed my life, it touched my heart and how she connects with the animals and shared that was rewarding.  And so we are fortunate and blessed to have had her here today and I hope she comes back many more times.”

Nancy McCutcheon
Community Outreach Program Manager at Scottsdale Healthcare
Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center
Dr. Kris Nelson gave us an outstanding client event! The audience loved her message: Embrace Animals To Improve Your Life, Love & Health. They also loved her! This was the best client appreciation event our firm has ever held. Both clients and prospective clients said they see our firm from a new perspective. Everyone needs to hear Dr. Nelson's message on wellness and the wonderful animal stories through which it is told.

Susan Anastasiadis
Capital Insight Partners

“Thank you for an awesome presentation at our annual Management Institute in Phoenix, Arizona on April 18, 2012—everyone in the audience is still singing your praises! Your presentation, Create Deep Bonds to Grow Your Business, was a refreshing twist about building relationships. The attendees were very impressed at how you were able to bridge the gap between relating to animals and relating to humans.

Kristen, you have proven yourself a person of rare insight, able to put across a powerful message in a captivating way. You have the unique ability to craft your message to be easily understood, while making it a fun, interesting, and memorable experience. I, along with the rest of the audience, was mesmerized at your astonishing capability of relating the behaviors of animals to human interaction, and then taking that one step further into the business arena.

On behalf of The Arizona Chapter of The Institute of Management Consultants, I appreciate the valuable contribution you have made in making The High Cost of Doing Nothing conference a success. Once again, the knowledge, information, and enthusiasm you shared really had an impact on all of the attendees—you left them begging for more.”

Connie Burtcheard
The Institiute of Management Consultants
Arizona Chapter President

“Dr. Nelson’s presentation . . . was very informative, entertaining and touching.  Anyone who has ever loved an animal will love her and her story.”

Diane Blankenberg
Nevada Humane Society
Community Programs/Development Director

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