Speaker: Lewis Schiff

"Lewis Schiff captures the attention of the world’s most successful life insurance and financial services professionals. He’s onto something important."

Mark Dorfman
Divisional Vice President, Million Dollar Round Table
"Lewis' presentation was a thought-provoking and insightful look into an emerging affluent market that can't be ignored. His words resonated with us in the hospitality and travel industry and his observations have sparked discussion and awareness of the Middle-Class Millionaires' unique attributes, values, behaviors and attitudes. Our executives are eager to capitalize on what we learned and create new opportunities to address this influential group."

Roxanne Housely
Vice President, Canyon Ranch
"Lewis Schiff delivered an excellent, thought-provoking and stimulating presentation to The Luxury Marketing Council of Boston late, last month. His book, The Middle Class Millionaire and the detailed research behind it, formed the basis of his contention that a new class of millionaires has arisen from middle-class roots. Our audience was positively engaged and highly interested in Lewis' thesis. For me it was refreshing to see someone in the luxury arena talking from the basis of detailed, factual research rather than 'gut feel'."

Richard Wycherley
Chairman and Founder, The Luxury Marketing Council of Boston

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