Speaker: Alan Parisse

You were a big hit! I’ve never seen an audience so enthusiastic about a closing session. Participants gained new ideas. Thanks for tailoring your presentation to audience so effectively and for your humorous and warm delivery. It was exactly what we needed.

The American Hospital Association
 The Speaking Intensive was two of the most valuable days in my career. Far more than a speaking class, it helps you become a powerful communicator. The skills I learned work for public speaking, board meetings, staff meetings and in every day life. That’s why I had my entire senior management team attend the Intensive as soon as I heard Alan was giving them again. Great leaders are always great communicators.

Andy Kalbaugh President and CEO
AIG American General Securities, Inc
Your workshop changed my career and my life. It improved how I communicate with clients and prospects. Today, anytime I speak, regardless of the topic or the country, your training is always with me. Thank you!

Mark Rogers - Executive Vice President
MFS International Ltd.
London, U.K.
 You did an outstanding job and exceeded my expectations. I received nothing but positive feedback from the managers and reps. Your message was heard loudest from the senior sales reps. The district managers will be using your words of wisdom as we move forward with future change.

Ross Labs

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