Speaker: Peter Vidmar

"Thought you would like to know that our meeting evaluations are in and you were a hit! Which
made us look very smart in front of our customers...so as far as Comdata's performance in
inviting you: 10 for originality, 10 for virtuosity, and even though having you on our program
was no risk at all, I still give us a 10 for a decision that was Rewarding! Many thanks."

"Peter exceeded our expectations. He was able to blend just enough Allstate into his
presentation that he got buy in from the audience in the first few moments. The audience
laughed, they applauded and better yet, I’m hearing about his message points from ROV. His
message was a real fit for our new business plan."

Allstate Insurance Co.
"Working with Peter was fantastic. He took the time to prepare for the presentation, whether it
was participating on a conference call with our team, to arriving ahead of time to meet people in
the business and understand how it works. His presentation was extremely well-received and he
made himself available to meet and greet afterwards. Everything went perfectly!"

General Electric Consumer Finance
"Hello, Peter, my name is Celia Rafalko and we met at a Wachovia Securities conference in
June, 1994. At the time, I was very taken with your presentation and commented to you in
particular on the point about practicing the hard parts longer (my paraphrasing). I mentioned to
you how this advice was going to help me in an upcoming horse competition. As things happed
with horses, mine became ill and has been unable to compete for the past two years. When I
finally got him going again at the beginning of this year, I remembered your advice and worked
away at those things that had stumped us before - the more difficult movements. We just did our
first show in two years and had a fantastic outcome. Thanks for your advice - your presentation
made a difference for me and I have remembered it all this time."

Wachovia Securities
"Thank you for your most entertaining and inspiring presentation! As our opening keynote
speaker, you set the bar for all those who followed you on the platform. The responses we have
received from our attendees after the convention only verify that you made a lasting and
memorable impression on our members. Peter, you inspired and energized them, while providing
maximum entertainment our attendees expect from on opening keynoter."

American Payroll Association
"Our sincere thanks for a wonderful presentation that was so well received by all who were

Insurance Conference Planners Association
"Congratulations on another fine performance. In fact, our entire team voted on Saturday and
you scored another PERFECT 10!!! Thanks for being there for us and for your help in making
our meeting a tremendous success. You were sensational and our people truly appreciated your
presence and the message that you delivered."

FoodSalesWest, Inc.
"I do want to make a special point to acknowledge Peter Vidmar's performance. He was perfect -
- genuine, passionate, dynamic and obviously, very skillful. He really drove our key message
home perfectly. On a personal note let me also say that I have never (I mean never) worked with
a more gracious and sincere speaker as Peter. He not only did a great job fulfilling his speaking
obligation, he spent the entire evening with our team at the bowling alley and then stuck around
late in the evening talking to everyone in the lobby. And, late in the evening when I was speaking
with three managers I sensed someone off to my side -- it was Peter -- he was patiently waiting
for me to finish speaking to once again say thank you. Again, I have NEVER met anyone so
genuine and gracious as Peter. Thank you! We will use him again."

Hilton Hotels
"Peter Vidmar is a very affable speaker. It was refreshing to have him at our event. He is
conscientious and genuinely interested in supporting our organization with his enthusiastic and
inspiring message. The audience was very interested in Peter's story, and they enjoyed it very
much. Comments after the presentation were all positive. Peter's program definitely met our

Zaxby's Franchising Inc.
"Your keynote presentation was awesome! I received great feedback from our people. You
impressed our organization with your passion and enthusiasm for something you believe in and
how that determination created your success in the Olympics and beyond. Your presence made
our meeting very, very special. Although you’ve been a perennial speaker at our Northwestern
Mutual regional meetings, your message is timeless and is more powerful each time."
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
"Without a question, your performance was rated by the audience as the most dynamic and the
most interesting! Our Chairman and CEO, Max Messmer said afterwards, ‘It was a 10!’ I would
highly recommend your performance to any organization seeking a speaker who will get the
audience really engaged!"

Robert Half International
"Peter delivered an energetic and entertaining keynote that was a great opening to our event.
The principles of Risk, Originality and Virtuosity are great tools that can be applied to any
competitive situation, whether it's athletics or business. Peter makes a compelling case for it and
does so in an enjoyable way."

National Bicycle Dealers Association
National Bicycle Dealers Association
"In the short amount of time that I was able to spend with Peter, I was impressed by his ability to
communicate what it takes to be a champion in every sense of the word. The concepts of risk,
originality, and virtuosity certainly apply to many facets of our lives and Peter is able to bring
them alive with his unique performance."

Emerson Climate Technologies
"Peter once again did a marvelous presentation. He continues to have a gift for relating his
personal experiences and achievements in a way that the audience can take the message and
apply it to their everyday life."

Orange County Employee Benefit Council
"Peter, thank you for being so approachable and easy to work with. Your presentation exceeded
our expectations. I can't think of anything that you could do to improve it. You were very good at
bringing the audience up, taking them down, and adding humor to make your points. They loved
it. The overall reaction to your program has been extremely positive and your presentation rated
the highest on our survey. You also did an outstanding job of tailoring your approach to the
message of the conference and our particular audience."

Bekins Van Lines
"A great blend of Hero, Humor and Humble. My pleasure to have met you and do look forward
to your return."

Western Industrial Nevada
"Peter is a delight to work with. He was absolutely outstanding!"

Aspen Education Group
"We cannot tell you how many times we heard our partners say that this was the single best
industry event they had ever attended. And many of them shared that your performance was a
highlight for them - energizing, relevant, and complete engrossing. The experience you bring as
an Olympian and your ability to clearly communicate principals to achieving excellence is truly
inspiring regardless of your industry or focus."


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