"I do want to make a special point to acknowledge Peter Vidmar's performance. He was perfect -
- genuine, passionate, dynamic and obviously, very skillful. He really drove our key message
home perfectly. On a personal note let me also say that I have never (I mean never) worked with
a more gracious and sincere speaker as Peter. He not only did a great job fulfilling his speaking
obligation, he spent the entire evening with our team at the bowling alley and then stuck around
late in the evening talking to everyone in the lobby. And, late in the evening when I was speaking
with three managers I sensed someone off to my side -- it was Peter -- he was patiently waiting
for me to finish speaking to once again say thank you. Again, I have NEVER met anyone so
genuine and gracious as Peter. Thank you! We will use him again."

Hilton Hotels
"Peter exceeded our expectations. He was able to blend just enough Allstate into his
presentation that he got buy in from the audience in the first few moments. The audience
laughed, they applauded and better yet, I’m hearing about his message points from ROV. His
message was a real fit for our new business plan."

Allstate Insurance Co.
"Working with Peter was fantastic. He took the time to prepare for the presentation, whether it
was participating on a conference call with our team, to arriving ahead of time to meet people in
the business and understand how it works. His presentation was extremely well-received and he
made himself available to meet and greet afterwards. Everything went perfectly!"

General Electric Consumer Finance
"Hello, Peter, my name is Celia Rafalko and we met at a Wachovia Securities conference in
June, 1994. At the time, I was very taken with your presentation and commented to you in
particular on the point about practicing the hard parts longer (my paraphrasing). I mentioned to
you how this advice was going to help me in an upcoming horse competition. As things happed
with horses, mine became ill and has been unable to compete for the past two years. When I
finally got him going again at the beginning of this year, I remembered your advice and worked
away at those things that had stumped us before - the more difficult movements. We just did our
first show in two years and had a fantastic outcome. Thanks for your advice - your presentation
made a difference for me and I have remembered it all this time."

Wachovia Securities
"Thank you for your most entertaining and inspiring presentation! As our opening keynote
speaker, you set the bar for all those who followed you on the platform. The responses we have
received from our attendees after the convention only verify that you made a lasting and
memorable impression on our members. Peter, you inspired and energized them, while providing
maximum entertainment our attendees expect from on opening keynoter."

American Payroll Association
"Peter Vidmar is a very affable speaker. It was refreshing to have him at our event. He is
conscientious and genuinely interested in supporting our organization with his enthusiastic and
inspiring message. The audience was very interested in Peter's story, and they enjoyed it very
much. Comments after the presentation were all positive. Peter's program definitely met our

Zaxby's Franchising Inc.
"Your keynote presentation was awesome! I received great feedback from our people. You
impressed our organization with your passion and enthusiasm for something you believe in and
how that determination created your success in the Olympics and beyond. Your presence made
our meeting very, very special. Although you’ve been a perennial speaker at our Northwestern
Mutual regional meetings, your message is timeless and is more powerful each time."
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
"Without a question, your performance was rated by the audience as the most dynamic and the
most interesting! Our Chairman and CEO, Max Messmer said afterwards, ‘It was a 10!’ I would
highly recommend your performance to any organization seeking a speaker who will get the
audience really engaged!"

Robert Half International
"Peter delivered an energetic and entertaining keynote that was a great opening to our event.
The principles of Risk, Originality and Virtuosity are great tools that can be applied to any
competitive situation, whether it's athletics or business. Peter makes a compelling case for it and
does so in an enjoyable way."

National Bicycle Dealers Association
National Bicycle Dealers Association
"In the short amount of time that I was able to spend with Peter, I was impressed by his ability to
communicate what it takes to be a champion in every sense of the word. The concepts of risk,
originality, and virtuosity certainly apply to many facets of our lives and Peter is able to bring
them alive with his unique performance."

Emerson Climate Technologies
"Peter once again did a marvelous presentation. He continues to have a gift for relating his
personal experiences and achievements in a way that the audience can take the message and
apply it to their everyday life."

Orange County Employee Benefit Council
"Peter, thank you for being so approachable and easy to work with. Your presentation exceeded
our expectations. I can't think of anything that you could do to improve it. You were very good at
bringing the audience up, taking them down, and adding humor to make your points. They loved
it. The overall reaction to your program has been extremely positive and your presentation rated
the highest on our survey. You also did an outstanding job of tailoring your approach to the
message of the conference and our particular audience."

Bekins Van Lines
"Our sincere thanks for a wonderful presentation that was so well received by all who were

Insurance Conference Planners Association
"Congratulations on another fine performance. In fact, our entire team voted on Saturday and
you scored another PERFECT 10!!! Thanks for being there for us and for your help in making
our meeting a tremendous success. You were sensational and our people truly appreciated your
presence and the message that you delivered."

FoodSalesWest, Inc.
"Thought you would like to know that our meeting evaluations are in and you were a hit! Which
made us look very smart in front of our customers...so as far as Comdata's performance in
inviting you: 10 for originality, 10 for virtuosity, and even though having you on our program
was no risk at all, I still give us a 10 for a decision that was Rewarding! Many thanks."

"A great blend of Hero, Humor and Humble. My pleasure to have met you and do look forward
to your return."

Western Industrial Nevada
"Peter is a delight to work with. He was absolutely outstanding!"

Aspen Education Group
"We cannot tell you how many times we heard our partners say that this was the single best
industry event they had ever attended. And many of them shared that your performance was a
highlight for them - energizing, relevant, and complete engrossing. The experience you bring as
an Olympian and your ability to clearly communicate principals to achieving excellence is truly
inspiring regardless of your industry or focus."

"You exhibit what can be called ‘true grit’ in all that you do. You have forgotten whatever ‘handicaps’ others may have assigned to you, and have concentrated on the God-given talents you so proudly display."

Ronald Reagan
40th President of the United States
"The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I was quite overwhelmed myself when I walked up to the stage to thank you and saw 600 people on their feet applauding with great energy."

"Roger was rated the best speaker our general managers have ever seen."

Marriott International Hotels and Resorts
"Words and phrases like 'outstanding,' 'phenomenal,' 'very inspirational,' and 'the best' are consistently used by our attendees when describing your talk…your energy, professionalism, and humor enabled you to easily connect…your message of resiliency is appropriate for any group."

"I can't adequately express my appreciation for all you delivered to our attendees (more than 40 countries). I feel sure the full impact of your talk will not only be felt by society in these next few years, but could well extend into future generations."

Million Dollar Round Table
"Art, your unique blend of stories, humor, and business message points were right on target. Very well done! Your energy, enthusiasm, and quick wit come through so well to everyone. Many commented ‘that was the best after dinner speech I ever heard.’"

"Art drew on his years of experience as an NFL official to address the issues of Leadership, Teamwork and Success with a perfect blend of humor, real-life experiences and the issues facing our company. His presentation hit the mark and could be defined as entertainment in the truest sense of the word."

NACD - Paving Products Division
"Art, I want you to know how much I personally appreciate the time you spent with us in Myrtle Beach. We enjoyed getting to know you and hearing about your fascinating experiences as a referee in the NFL. The conference committee received very positive comments about your presentation."

Southeast Pension Conference
"I cannot express how much Art's presentation meant to those in the audience - except to say that everyone has called to thank me for bringing him. As you probably already know, Art is one of the best speakers in the business. His jokes had people rolling in the isles, his message and insight commanded the utmost attention. He was THE BEST speaker I have ever seen!"

American Century Investments
"Let me begin by saying - I hope that I am half the person that you are when I am your age!!!! I have never met a man with such an excellent memory, personality and presence!!!! Not a better investment for a company or staff meeting!!!!"

Regions Mortgage
"In my 26 years of planning meetings for associations and working with speakers throughout the world, I have yet to meet a speaker that matches your diligence in making sure you get to the event on time and deliver such a timely and warmly received message. While everyone was totally captivated by your football stories, they took away a serious message they can use on a daily basis at work and home."

"Art Holst is an outstanding speaker! His mix of inspiration, humor and fun are just what we needed for our National Sales Meeting. I was very impressed with how he tied his message back into our company’s strategies. Well done!"

Pure Fishing America
"As one of the attendees put it, Art Holst is the best speaker that we have had to date. On behalf of the Mason Contractors Association of America, I would like to thank you for doing such a fantastic job at our 2004 Conference. From the very beginning of your presentation, until the last question was answered you had the members laughing. And that wasn’t easy. You saved the day."

Mason Contractors Association of America
"Art's humor and the way about him kept the attention of the audience. He was fabulous! We had nothing but positive comments. Some even commented that Art was the best speaker they had ever had."

Ohio Association of School Business Officials
"Art is one of those rare speakers who truly enjoys his profession and the audience he is speaking to. He mixed and mingled with our members both before and after his performance and by doing so gained a great deal of first hand knowledge of our industry. It showed and was certainly appreciated by all of us!"

Ohio AgriBusiness Association
"Thank you for your great contribution to the Sales Meeting. You were prepared, professional, interesting, motivation and funny - all the keys to a great presentation."

Galactic, Ltd.
"We have never worked with a speaker who prepared so well. He really knew us and had taken the time to learn his audience. He connected fabulously and really did a super job."

New York Life
"...we gave you a challenge, and being the true professional that you are, you were great! All the help and ideas that you gave us were greatly appreciated. Thank you for a job well done."

Community Bankers Association of Kansas
"I don't know how he did it! He sounded exactly like someone who worked for GE!"

"Scott really captured the essence of what we were trying to accomplish. Easy to work with! Good follow-up. Everything went smoothly."

"...our members appreciated your expertise and your skill as a presenter, as well as the information you shared with them!"

Illinois Credit Union System
"...very effective in conveying a thought-provoking, yet practical message on communication."

Firestone Building Products
"Our association is fortunate to have worked with some outstanding speakers in the past few years: Denis Waitley, Wayne Dyer, Dick Vitale to name a few. I would not hesitate to add your name to the list. Nobody did a better job than you."

Michigan Grocers Association
"Bravo! You were a hit! Numerous attendees stated how impressed they were with both the content of your presentation, as well as your enthusiasm."

Community Bankers Assn. of Illinois
You were a big hit! I’ve never seen an audience so enthusiastic about a closing session. Participants gained new ideas. Thanks for tailoring your presentation to audience so effectively and for your humorous and warm delivery. It was exactly what we needed.

The American Hospital Association
 The Speaking Intensive was two of the most valuable days in my career. Far more than a speaking class, it helps you become a powerful communicator. The skills I learned work for public speaking, board meetings, staff meetings and in every day life. That’s why I had my entire senior management team attend the Intensive as soon as I heard Alan was giving them again. Great leaders are always great communicators.

Andy Kalbaugh President and CEO
AIG American General Securities, Inc
Your workshop changed my career and my life. It improved how I communicate with clients and prospects. Today, anytime I speak, regardless of the topic or the country, your training is always with me. Thank you!

Mark Rogers - Executive Vice President
MFS International Ltd.
London, U.K.
 You did an outstanding job and exceeded my expectations. I received nothing but positive feedback from the managers and reps. Your message was heard loudest from the senior sales reps. The district managers will be using your words of wisdom as we move forward with future change.

Ross Labs
"Norm is the classic street fighter, he straps on his artillery and goes out into the street and takes on the bad guys with his incredible command of the English language. His use of 1 x 2 cards, and his ability to take command of an audience in the first two minutes is legendary."

Graeme Lindsay
"Mark Allen is one of the best speakers I have seen. His story is...inspirational, motivational. He shares life lessons that make a strong, positive impact on audiences. Hire him!"

Christopher Lochhead
Lochhead Mercury Interactive
"Thanks again for being with us. Your message "overcoming adversity, hard work does pay off, stick to what you know works, etc.) is one that we all should hear at least once each year. By the way, your speaker "score" was...outstanding."

Jim Lavold
Northwester Mutual
"You clearly exceeded our expectations...The audience laughed and cried and cheered as you took us through the most remarkable journey. Of all our speakers, you...have had the greatest impact on our conference."

Mark Dransfield
First Allied Securities
"The standing ovation...The many favorable comments...The requests for videos of your speech...Your contribution to our convention will be long remembered by our delegates."

Ron MacTavish
Crown Life Insurance
"One of the most unique and inspiring presentations I've ever heard, with very compelling, practical applications for any person or organization facing what many would call an "impossible challenge."

Stephen R. Covey
Franklin Covey and author of "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People"
"Once again, your presentation was exactly on target for our audience and a perfect conclusion for our sessions. The feedback is very, very strong."

Richard P. Garmany
AETNA Retirement Services
"It was once again wonderful to have you speak to our representatives. I was happily surprised at the number who went out of their way to thank us for bringing you back to kick-off our 20th Anniversary."

Steven K. McGinnis
Titan Value Equities Group
"...Your experience, style and delivery kept a 'tough room' engaged and entertained. The points you made regarding the development of relationships with people in general and customers in particular drew the praise of all in attendance."

Steve Gronski, Nat'l Accounts
ADT Security Systems, Inc.
"Outstanding. You gained the total trust of a fairly cynical group and made believers of them. People are still commenting on the impact, months afterwards."

Kip Smith, President
Blair Communications
"My experience with your organization has been fantastic. The preparation phase was a breeze and did the job. I am getting only rave reviews. The team is fired up!"

Bill McNiece, GM
Entex Information Services
"...You were delightfully entertaining as well as thought-provoking in helping our managers think about team building attributes. ... Based on the evaluations and comments, we would highly recommend you for any other ISSC or IBM group meetings."

Wilbert Hicks
Integrated Systems Solutions Corporation
"Thank you for doing such a terrific job for us.... You were incredible! Your dynamic style and depth of knowledge in delivering your customized presentation had the audience spellbound."

Georgia Tyler
New Mexico Bankers Assn
"Doug, the purpose of life is to create things that will outlast it.  I feel blessed to have you as a friend and fellow warrior in mastering the energy of life.   May the dreams we dream become the future you create.  Live with passion!"

Tony Robbins
Robbins Research International, Inc.
"When people tell me how good they think I am I  tell them it's because Doug Carter made me good.  He may be the only person in the world who can teach someone else's material better than they can."

Bill Bachrach
Bachrach & Associates, Inc.
"Doug Carter is one of the most powerful interactive trainers I know! He is funny, he is practical, he is inspirational and he knows what he's doing.  He moves people!  He just may be the second best kept secret in America!"

Michael Gerber
The E-Myth Academy
"Doug Carter understands more about how to "move an audience" than most people will learn in a lifetime. He's realistic, practical, and he knows precisely why something works. He's moving me to levels I didn't even know existed. I've already made more than $1mm because of him. You could too."

Mark Sheer
Mark Sheer Seminars
"Mark knows what he is talking about. He has worked where we work and his system is easy to understand."

Beth Kelloff, Advisor
First Command Financial Planning
"Mark’s ideas and examples of how he runs his business are excellent. He has been an inspiration to me on both a business and personal level.

Derek Brammel, Financial Advisor
The Bishoff Finacial Group
"Mark has given me utterly priceless ideas that have helped me to become more productive, more efficient and more focused on my business and the way I carry it out."

Andy Jervis, Acii, Msfa, CFP?, Director
Chesterton House Financial Services Ltd.
"Mark Little’s insight has been one of our most practical assets as we work toward the goal of building a top-notch practice. Mark has provided us an excellent model to emulate so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel."

Aaron Avery
Munn Wealth Management
"Mark Little’s practical knowledge and inspiring story have had a huge positive effect on my personal and professional life. I now work with higher quality clients and take much better care of my own health."

Karl Hicks, CFP?, Mba, Financial Advisor
The Leonard Finacial Group, LLC
"Mark has enabled me to transform how my business operates. I now have a team who love managing themselves which has freed me to do the things that I am good at."

Mitch Harris, Mlia, (Dip), Fpc, Managing Director
The Financial Services Group
"Mark Little is one of the most caring individuals I have ever met. He seems to have an unlimited willingness to help advisors become better with his personal brand of no-nonsense encouragement."

Jack Wenaus, Financial Advisor
Jack Wenaus Financial Services, Inc.
"Mark is a tremendous resource. He has helped me gain insights into what it takes to provide a high-value financial services practice. He communicates effectively and helps me recognize that I have what it takes to succeed."

Rick Raybin, Managing Director
Lifetime Capitol Group
"Mark truly sets the bar high, both personally & professionally. He’s a huge source of inspiration for my practice and my life. I suspect that his processes make him the envy of many disorganized planners and his personal dedication to reaching his goals has motivated me to keep striving for mine!"

Lou Leyes, Advisor,
First Command Financial Planning
Our team really needed, appreciated and absorbed your message. I am sure you picked up on this with the two standing ovations you received. You provided a great service for our organization and helped us create a memorable experience for our employees. I still hear them talking about it today! You really enhanced our efforts in driving our organization to the next level.

GLEN TULLMAN Chief Executive Officer
I’ll sum up his speech in one word: fantastic! I have over the years seen many speakers and booked quite a few of them, and I can honestly say that Jeff is the most moving and powerful I have seen. In today’s business environment, speakers like Jeff are exactly what is needed to get people fired-up and working more efficiently. I can highly recommend Jeff, as he is certain to be the highlight of any event.

Superb! If top CEO’s are your audience. Then Jeff Salz is the man for your meeting.

CRAIG LOW Executive Vice President
Jeff Salz could not have been better for our group! He did all the right things and did a great job of integrating the right language and issues into his message. He is an infectiously enthusiastic speaker who kept the audience for an hour and a quarter that seemed to race by. Our keynote
speaker last year was Colin Powell - a tough act to follow. Jeff Salz took no back seat to him!

“Best I’ve ever heard” was the resounding acclamation following your presentation to our sales leaders! What can I say except “fantastic!”?
The reviews are in and American Fidelity gives you a 10+ out of 10! There was a message for everyone who attended. As an illustration of
the lasting impression you made, I noticed today that one of the attendees now signs his e-mails by “Be of Service.” Simple, yet very powerful.

Amazing, powerful, passionate, entertaining! Jeff took 1200 people deep into Patagonia and across a lake on a Weetabix without leaving the  room. Standing at the back of the room with my client and his U.S. boss, both captivated by Jeff’s presentation, and turning to me every few minutes saying “thank you, Derek, thank you” is every agent’s dream.

"Not a day goes by where I don't try to incorporate your teaching and humor into my business activities. Considering the difficulties we face in healthcare, I know our employees appreciate these diversions. I can see the difference in their performance. It works."

Z. Lipner
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
"A number of people have commented on your knowledge and understanding of our philosophy and culture. Combining your sincere and honest views with our philosophy produced a powerful delivery. You were able to motivate our managers to become agents of change and to begin re-inventing their organizations."

G. Kessler & L. Jackson
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
"His ability to relate every day situations to a sometimes sensitive topic allowed us to reinforce our message in a non-threatening way. During my career, I have been exposed to numerous speakers and I would have to say that Terry ranks among the best that I have ever seen. If there is anyone who is looking to make a difference in their company and needs a guest speaker to impact the lives of their employees, I would highly recommend Dr. Terry Paulson."

W. Sanders
Kforce Professional Staffing
"Your presentation "Making Change Work...Together" provided the required motivational, positive message to all...and the responses as always were superb!"

S. Ramming
"Dr. Paulson's extensive skillfulness and commitment to personalize programs allowed him to address the specific interests, concerns, and challenges facing our group."

W. Meyer
Kaiser Permanente
"As expressed in your closing remarks, optimism is a challenge for health care providers...Your humor and remarks will give each listener facing the challenges of this care renewed strength and direction."

E. Weaver
Association of Community Cancer Centers
"Lewis Schiff captures the attention of the world’s most successful life insurance and financial services professionals. He’s onto something important."

Mark Dorfman
Divisional Vice President, Million Dollar Round Table
"Lewis' presentation was a thought-provoking and insightful look into an emerging affluent market that can't be ignored. His words resonated with us in the hospitality and travel industry and his observations have sparked discussion and awareness of the Middle-Class Millionaires' unique attributes, values, behaviors and attitudes. Our executives are eager to capitalize on what we learned and create new opportunities to address this influential group."

Roxanne Housely
Vice President, Canyon Ranch
"Lewis Schiff delivered an excellent, thought-provoking and stimulating presentation to The Luxury Marketing Council of Boston late, last month. His book, The Middle Class Millionaire and the detailed research behind it, formed the basis of his contention that a new class of millionaires has arisen from middle-class roots. Our audience was positively engaged and highly interested in Lewis' thesis. For me it was refreshing to see someone in the luxury arena talking from the basis of detailed, factual research rather than 'gut feel'."

Richard Wycherley
Chairman and Founder, The Luxury Marketing Council of Boston
"Anne Bachrach has worked with me as my "Life Coach" for two years now. During this time I have accomplished more in every area of my life, and the biggest value I have gotten from her is in my quality of life."

Don VanLandingham
Guardian Wealth Management, Inc.
"Based upon my experience and success through accountability coaching, every major goal in my life has come to pass - from building up a multi-million dollar business to losing 140 pounds of excess weight."

Mark Little
"Since 2002, when I started working with Anne, my business revenue has increased at least 21% every year. I am working less than 20 hours per week and my personal and business life is a lot more fun to me."

Hank Kochan
"Anne has helped me change not only my business, but my life."

Mona Santos
"Anne has a unique gift to help others achieve their highest potential."

Leslie Moyer
"Anne has challenged me to look at things in a different way, and to work to find true balance.  I have never felt so in control of my life and where I am going as I do right now!"

Cynthia Heil, CFP
"Anne has kept me laser focused on the tasks that have the highest probability of pay off in the shortest amount of time. I have added 24 clients this past year and am already on track to do more than that next year."

Christopher Morris
CMA Financial Services
"I hired Anne to be my accountability coach because no matter how badly I want to be even more successful and achieve my goals, I haven't been able to do it on my own. Anne has been instrumental in helping me identify the activities required for me to be successful and help me stay focused and on track do actually doing what I need to do."

David J. Stone, CFP
Personal Financial Advisors, Inc.
"As an already successful business person, I hired Anne to help me realize my true potential and create even more balance in my life. She helps me identify, track, and stay focused on the activities required for me to reach all my goals. She helps me think outside the box and be open to new ideas that can help accelerate my results."

Gary R. Moore
Merrill Lynch
"I am better able to give up total control and delegate tasks that I used to want to control to my assistant so I can focus on bigger picture and do those things that only I can do. Anne provides a different perspective on how I do business which really gets me to think."

Daniel Cantarovici
Cascade Financial Management, Inc.
"Anne just has a way about her.  She helps me stop wasting time or procrastinating during my day on non-productive stuff!  Her requirement that I explore what I want my life to look like in every area, helped a great deal in motivating me toward the accomplishment of my goals!"

Craig Stearns
Lenox Advisors
"The combination of this 3 installment Kate Wilson case study and the Trusted Advisor Toolkit website has really propelled me in completing the journey of not only building the ideal client community, but now keeping them intact by actually knowing how to run a true comprehensive planning office and implementing something very few other Advisors are doing.

I have just changed all of my ideal clients to The Three Meeting Process going forward, which is going to save me 67 meetings from what I was doing before and I am definitely offering them much more service."

Rick Zurbriggen
Financial Advisor Sanibel

Thanks so much for energizing our group and providing an information-packed presentation to our advisors at our annual event in San Diego in January. We very much appreciated the time you spent prior to the event learning about our needs, goals and direction for the upcoming year.

You presentation was tailored specifically to our advisors, and the passion you brought to the event was palpable.

The key points you shared made our attendees really think about how they can improve their businesses and how to keep focused on accomplishing big goals. Plus, your insight on how to live a balanced work and personal life really hit home. Sometimes we get forget what’s really important in life, and you reminded our group how critical it is to focus on what really matters and to forget the rest.

Thank you for a powerful and impactful presentation. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Cody Foster
Advisors Excel

We had the privilege of having Bill Bachrach as our Keynote Speaker at CFD Investments, Inc.’s 2010 Fall Financial Adviser Conference. Over the years, I had heard Bill speak at many industry events such as the Financial Planning Association. After hearing him speak, I knew our advisers would be very interested in hearing his message. He was definitely a hit at our conference. His message was, “The Roadmap to Success.” Many of our advisers were inspired to serve their clients at a higher level by offering a full service practice that took a holistic approach to financial planning. Our advisers learned that they needed to have a Better Value Proposition in severing their clients. Since our conference, many have gone the next step with Bill in utilizing him as their ultimate coach. We thank Bill for his message and his ability to inspire us to build a better practice for our clients.

Brent Owens
CFD Investments, Inc.

You did an awesome job for us and we are very grateful! The feedback from Advisers has been truly extraordinary. The road show exceeded our expectations. Your energy, effort, and enthusiasm was visible and is much appreciated. I can’t thank you enough!

Chris Freeman, Head of BT Wrap
BT Financial Group
BT Wrap Roadshow Australia

"Our financial planners left your sessions with a high degree of commitment and enthusiasm, and follow-up conversations indicate that the trust building techniques you shared with them work!"

Robert L. Harden, Vice President
American Express Financial Advisors
“Your Court of the Table session at MDRT was a hit!  From the producer comments I have heard, you were one of the best speakers in the nine years that they have been conducting Court of the Table special sessions.”

Robert Plybon, President
"Many of our top producers have been trying your process and it has been working for them.  Your presentation provoked feedback such as, ‘thought provoking’ and ‘immediately usable’ from participants.”

Ann Holtby
Midland Walwyn
"The things I like best about your program are your knowledge of the industry and the fact that your process is immediately usable by managers and planners."

Jill Henion, DVP
American Express Financial Advsiors
"You have helped us achieve the ‘ultimate client interview.’  It works for all Planners, new and experienced.  It is also effective for managers in recruiting and motivating Planners.  Your program is ‘cutting edge’ and I believe it will have a significant impact on our long-term success.”

Homer Nottingham, Division VP
American Express Financial Advisors
“Another ‘home run,’ hit well out of the park!  Your unselfish sharing of your wealth of knowledge and practical experience had an immeasurable and profound impact on those who heard you speak.  Thanks.”

Bradley Backus, Director
"Not only were you a “hit” at our National Sales Conference, you were the top rated speaker at all our Regional Meetings.  Our Field Associates received a lot of immediately-usable information from your program that I know will help them reach even higher levels."

Joby Gruber, President
“Your address and workshop were extremely well received and an inspiration to our audience.  Thanks for helping us make a significant difference in the lives of our clients.”

Robert M. Hammond Jr., Regional VP
“The energy and enthusiasm for the program topics was evident by the responses of our representatives.  Your presentation addressed their concerns, needs and gave them vital information in a well-delivered, professional and succinct manner.”

Richard J. Miller, President & CEO
Walnut Street Securities
“Thanks for helping make our recent sales convention so successful.  You would be amazed as to how many people have contacted me either by letter or phone, to tell me what a wonderful job you did in your presentation on Values-Based Selling.  All I can say is that you hit a home run!”

Charles T. Cronin, III, CLU
Provident Mutual
“I wanted to tell you again what a great contribution you made to our Delta Institute.  While we had many great speakers, your presentation added a touch of “Performance Practicality” that our producers can employ in their respective practices with an immediate impact on their bottom line.”

Cody H. Phillips, President
Delta Life & Annuity
“Your presentation was outstanding.  We received terrific response from our Agents, District Managers and Marketing Staff.” 

Ben Hickman, Marketing Education Manager
"The information you presented can be used right away to help us achieve bigger results in less time and it goes along with the current style we already use."

Jan Gordon, Director of Meetings & Conventions
 "Your program at Gathering of Eagles meeting was a big hit!  Your ideas are new and are a fresh approach to our opening interview.  Your process is an enhancement to what we already do and that is important.”

Ken Chadee, Director of Training
New York Life
"Without a doubt, your message and shared insights were the most useful and powerful of any presented in the three days of Eagles speakers.”

Paul DeFelice, Training Manager
New York Life
"I own a RIA with 50 affiliated Financial Advisors.  I got to know Bill over recent years while attending his Values-Based Financial Planning Academies where he has trained a number of our Advisors in Values-Based Financial Planning.  Bill is an outstanding trainer/speaker and is an impact player in the financial services industry.  Values-Based Financial Planning delivers a better experience for the client... and a better life for the advisor.  Our advisors who implement Values-Based Financial Planning... are our most successful.  If you want to be a high-trust financial advisor... Bill's training is the best that I've seen."

Ben Carroll
The Cambridge Lagacy Group
"Bill Bachrach brings great value to his audiences, with take-home-and-put-to-use-today techniques and strategies. I would highly recommend Bill to any organization that wants to grow and succeed."

Bruce Dickes
Financial Brokerage, Inc.
"We have worked with Bill and his team on our Firm's journey to implement Values-Based Financial Planning. Bill is a true visionary and leader has a genuine passion to improve the financial service industry, away from product selling and to a true advice model. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Bill."

David Andrew
Capital Partners Private Wealth
"Bill is an outstanding speaker and trainer in the financial services business. I have been planning training events for 6 years and have hired dozens of professional speakers, and Bill ranks among the best we have ever had. As our keynote, he set a positive tone for our entire 4 day event, and he is diligent and thoughtful in his follow-through with our advisor clients. I would highly recommend him for any organization."

Joe Anzalone
Asset Marketing Systems

“Bill Bachrach’s programs are powerful, timely, and enriched with content designed to be meaningful to Advisors serving all types of clients.  His refreshing point of view and commanding style is tailored to motivate Advisors, of all calibers, to achieve greater levels of success.  Bill recognizes today’s economy has created an unprecedented opportunity for proactive financial advisors to expand their community of ideal clients, and successively build their ideal practice and ideal life style.  Bill’s Values-Based Financial Planning Turn-Key Business Model is “the key” to help Advisors reach their next level of success in today’s rapidly changing environment.”

Chris Flint
ProEquities, Inc.
President & CEO

“We were thrilled to have Dr. Nelson here today.  This is probably our 10th Survivorship Day here at Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center and we had over 125 people and the feedback was phenomenal.  We had people who said, her message changed my life, it touched my heart and how she connects with the animals and shared that was rewarding.  And so we are fortunate and blessed to have had her here today and I hope she comes back many more times.”

Nancy McCutcheon
Community Outreach Program Manager at Scottsdale Healthcare
Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center

“Thank you for an awesome presentation at our annual Management Institute in Phoenix, Arizona on April 18, 2012—everyone in the audience is still singing your praises! Your presentation, Create Deep Bonds to Grow Your Business, was a refreshing twist about building relationships. The attendees were very impressed at how you were able to bridge the gap between relating to animals and relating to humans.

Kristen, you have proven yourself a person of rare insight, able to put across a powerful message in a captivating way. You have the unique ability to craft your message to be easily understood, while making it a fun, interesting, and memorable experience. I, along with the rest of the audience, was mesmerized at your astonishing capability of relating the behaviors of animals to human interaction, and then taking that one step further into the business arena.

On behalf of The Arizona Chapter of The Institute of Management Consultants, I appreciate the valuable contribution you have made in making The High Cost of Doing Nothing conference a success. Once again, the knowledge, information, and enthusiasm you shared really had an impact on all of the attendees—you left them begging for more.”

Connie Burtcheard
The Institiute of Management Consultants
Arizona Chapter President

“Dr. Nelson’s presentation . . . was very informative, entertaining and touching.  Anyone who has ever loved an animal will love her and her story.”

Diane Blankenberg
Nevada Humane Society
Community Programs/Development Director
"The feedback from the attendees was unanimous: 'This was the best Opening Session I have ever been to!' We wholeheartedly recommend you to any meeting planner looking for fun, laughter, and a great message from a unique speaker."

Meeting Professionals International
"I've worked with a great many performers over the last 20 years of doing this; some with much greater marquee value, but the ease of integration into the meeting, the quality of performance and Mike's comfortable, easy style made this one of the best talent experiences I've ever had. Great work!"

Discover Card
"Mike literally AMAZED everyone with his talent, and then he AWED everyone with the message. We have been providing our employees with this type of retreat for 25 years, and beyond a shadow of a doubt, Mike Rayburn provided us with the most universally appealing and entertaining program we have ever had. Further, we would recommend Mike for any company's retreat, motivational seminar, or leadership program where an inspirational speaker/presenter is needed.

Divine Savior Healthcare
"Mike exceeded all expectations"

William Newton Memorial Hospital
"Mike was the best entertainer I have ever booked! This is the first time I have ever had unanimous approval from all 280 plus attendees. Mike is truly an entertainer for everyone. I am happy to endorse this A+ entertainer!"

"Mike Rayburn was awesome; he was the perfect opening performer. It should not surprise you to know that he was our highest rated speaker this year. Behind the stage, he was equally impressive. He arrived early, was easy to work with and was self-sufficient. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a sure fire way to entertain an audience and look like a good meeting planner."

National Association for Pupil Transportation
Dr. Kris Nelson gave us an outstanding client event! The audience loved her message: Embrace Animals To Improve Your Life, Love & Health. They also loved her! This was the best client appreciation event our firm has ever held. Both clients and prospective clients said they see our firm from a new perspective. Everyone needs to hear Dr. Nelson's message on wellness and the wonderful animal stories through which it is told.

Susan Anastasiadis
Capital Insight Partners

The presentation you gave at my Women and Wealth Enrichment Luncheon on December 6th, 2012 was outstanding. Thank you so much for doing a great job, Kris. There was not a women in the room in attendance that was not touched by your comments and stories. You have a unique way of presenting researched based information - first by providing the data point, then by illustrating it with a story, usually done with some bit of humor. Plus, who could resist all the adorable photos of the animals you have helped over the years. So far, I've hosted approx. twelve luncheons, with various speakers. While all of them typically get very positive reviews, yours was the best, by far.

Of the 32 surveys we received, every single one of them rated your presentation outstanding, meaning on a scale from 1-5, with 5 being the highest, you received all 5's! That's a first. In addition, more people approached me about getting together to discuss situations than I've ever had do so at any of my luncheons.

It turns out that animals are not only positive for our emotional and physical health; but they are also good for our financial health!

Again, thank you for doing such a fantastic job at my Women and Wealth luncheon. It was a very successful event on many fronts because of your unique and entertaining presentation. 

Trish Stark
First Western Trust
Senior Vice President
The response was tremendous. One attendee said, "I look at your organization very differently now...thank you for hosting this program."

Keith J. Kormos
Bankers Trust
Senior Vice President, Private Banking and Wealth Management
Dr. Nelson presented a wonderful, heart-warming presentation about the transforming power of animals in or lives. Our clients and those who are passionate about the Nevada Humane Society who joined us truly enjoyed spending time with other animal lovers, while being entertained with delightful takes of our furry friends.

Heidi Foster, CFP
American Wealth Management
Wealth Advisor and Investment Manager

"Patricia Fripp addressed the Michigan Credit Union League Conference, and her presentation on “Leadership Presentations: How to Inspire Action and Commitment” was a great success. She demonstrated what it means to hold the audience in the palm of your hand. At the same time, she told the audience exactly how to do that in our presentations. We laughed, learned, and walked away committed to focusing more on the power of our own presentations.

Fripp teaches more than public speaking; she teaches you how to put “wow” into your presentations. Even if you never give a formal speech, her ideas, techniques, and suggestions will help improve your personal speaking skills and style. If your goal is to improve the communication of your leaders and associates, then Fripp is for you!"

Renee L. Werth
Michigan Credit Union League
Vice President of Education & Events
Your presentation was exciting, inspirational, moving, entertaining, funny and filled with substance. For many of the attendees your presentation was the pinnacle. In point of fact, I have never worked with a speaker who takes their job as seriously as you do. Your interest in our association, our industry and our needs, your tireless preparation and thought over the past year proved to be obvious when you stood in front of our group.

John E. Welshons
American Cemetery Association
Convention Chair
How do you do it? For nine years you have continued to top yourself. Thank you so much for your many extraordinary contributions to the success of the American Payroll Association’s 2005 Annual Congress.

Dan Maddux
American Payroll Association
Executive Director
Thank you for an outstanding performance in our Fall Marketing Conference. You are extremely interesting, very energetic and you closed our conference with a bang.

Michael MacGee
Capitol BlueCross / Blue Shield
Vice President
“For most keynote speakers, Advisors say, ‘That was great, so who is next?’ These are our best Advisors and overwhelmingly they wanted Bill back again this year. He definitely delivered another thought-provoking presentation with actionable ideas they can implement for even better results.

Bill sent out pre-work for our Advisors to help them have an even greater experience and this on-line extra training exceeded my expectations.

If you want to give your Advisors a great experience that they can use in today’s world, you need to hire Bill.”

Mike Ankers
Richardson GMP
Director, National Sales
"Bill conducted another outstanding presentation for my Advisors and the ratings were very high, as I expected. He is ‘spot on’ with helping them be crystal clear about their value promise to clients and prospective clients. Their value promise and them delivering on that promise defines what they can charge clients and clients will gladly pay for that experience. Advisors who apply what Bill teaches will have no issues with CRM2 and can exponentially grow their business. We look forward to continuing our relationship as we move our Advisors to doing even more financial planning."

Neil Ouditt
Manulife Financial
National Managing Director, Associate Advisor Program, Advisory Services
“If everyone would do what Bill Bachrach teaches, the DOL would be a non-issue.”

Barry Knight
NEXT Financial

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