Mark Little
Author, Professional Speaker, Trusted Advisor
Speaker Category: Financial

Mark Little is a Trusted Advisor in every sense of the term. He also is the first Trusted Advisor to reach the elite status of Being Done™. However, at one point in his career, he was ready to leave the Financial Services industry; not because of production (he was the leading producer for his broker/dealer), but because he was overwhelmed by having to serve 1242 Clients while working an average of 84 hours during a six-day workweek. Sound familiar?

Rather than quit the business, Mr. Little decided to try one last thing: he would implement the principles of Values-Based Financial Planning™ with “ruthless execution” as he likes to say. A remarkable thing happened: Mark optimized his practice. He identified 17 Ideal Client (among the 1242 he served) who help him grow his Ideal Community to 91 Ideal Clients within an 18 month window. He was able to reduce his workweek to 36 hours during a three-day period while also quadrupling his production. Most importantly, his Ideal Clients loved the new level of attention they were able to receive, and they became extremely loyal Clients who entrusted Mark with 100% of their investible assets.

Mr. Little also applied the principles he learned in his journey to becoming a Trusted Advisor to gain more balance in his own life. He was able to reduce his weight from 313 pounds to 173 pounds … but the most fascinating part of that story is how he did it (and we won’t spoil his story here).

If you are looking for a speaker with "real world" financial planning experience who can inspire your audience to take stock of their current performance, set goals for improvement, and then execute, execute, execute … then Mark little is your man.

* Mr. Little’s availability is limited. Please try to book your event as early as possible. Additionally, Values-Based Financial Planning books are highly recommended for all attendees to enhance their experience.

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