Mike Rayburn
Powerful Content, Amazing Guitar, Hilarious!
Speaker Category: Inspirational

Mike Rayburn is one of the youngest-ever members of the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, and has proven it’s time to re-think “speaking...” Forget powerpoint, Mike uses his Carnegie Hall Headliner guitar skills and hilarious comedy as amazing metaphors, to teach, inspire and motivate audiences worldwide.  His tools for transformation, innovation and peak performance are remembered and applied long after the final standing ovation (yes, two in a presentation are not unusual for Mike).  Multiple presentations for Walmart, Wells Fargo, Hilton, Exxon/Mobil, Verizon, Panasonic, Lincoln Financial, Roche Laboratories, State Farm, Prudential, Touchstone Energy, Merrill Lynch, Sprint, American Express and many others tell us Mike is on the right path.

Though easily categorized as an after-dinner entertainer (and a great one at that!), Mike Rayburn is first and foremost a keynote speaker.  Often the conference opener or closer, Mike’s message and delivery set the tone for success.  His “What If...?” message becomes a mantra both throughout the conference and for years to come, creating an army of possibility thinkers.  The tools which built Mike’s million-dollar business and took him from playing bars to headlining Las Vegas and Carnegie Hall can transform your business, which in today’s economy is imperative.  Call now to learn how Mike can help transform your business or event.

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